Since graduating with a 1st in ‘Music Production & Creative Recording’ in 2012, I have been providing sound recording services on location for a range of film productions. I have worked on short films, feature films, documentaries, and corporate video as both sound mixer, and boom operator.

I am the owner of a comprehensive location sound kit, which includes a Sound Devices 633 Mixer Recorder, Sennheiser G3 radio kits, and a comprehensive selection of microphones that can find myself highly adaptable on location. This high-quality equipment, combined with my extensive knowledge of acoustics, microphone techniques, and the filming process, ensures I am a valuable asset for any film crew.

Aside from my personal kit, I have experience using other ‘industry standard’ types of equipment, such as the Sound Devices 552, and 788t recorders, and other radio kits. I am also registered with several hire companies, making for easy access to additional gear, should the need arise.


“Joel was a welcomed addition to Mordue Pictures’ ‘The Reaper’ as the sound recordist. His enthusiasm was exceptional and he did a great job taking charge of the sound department. His personality made a night shoot fun but also extraordinarily productive. In addition, when the shoot got in tough situations he was there to offer his expert advice. Without hesitation I would recommend Joel and will gladly offer his name in future productions. Looking forward to next time.” Bryan Cook